So – it’s been a whirlwind (hectic) week for me. I finished my 3rd draft edits on Wednesday. What a feeling. It’s now been sent out to a bundle of beta readers.

Instead of sitting and contemplating certain doom, I decided (and yes I decided this when I wrote up my year’s goals in January) to focus on a story that’s been plaguing me since November. Let’s call said work H for now.

So Thursday and Friday I poured about 8-9k words into outlining the plot, detailing my characters/places/things, expanding the plot and then point by point outlining.

I wasn’t going to write on Friday.

Notice I said wasn’t – not didn’t.

My husband took me to an awesome restaurant on Friday night. This is where the Fish comes in (because I know it had you all wondering). It’s a beautiful (as fresh seafood as you can get in Kansas) Seafood restaurant. Instead of said fish, being that I’m from BRISBANE AUSTRALIA, I had a filet. O. M. G. It was the best steak I have EVER had.

And the dessert – so happy hubby shared it with me.

So, I arrived at home all happy from food and I said to myself – self I said: You should write a bit.

And then Jami was all – yeah, you should write. Now I know this is self-serving of her because she only wants me to write so she gets to read my woeful first drafts, but still, it’s kind of nice, right?

Then I thought – well TDP is completely present tense. If I’m going to be serious about writing – shouldn’t I write in alternating tenses and pov’s? I mean that’s well rounded, right?

So I began writing in past tense. Do you have any idea how painful it is to write in past tense, when you’ve written an entire trilogy and edited each book at least once, if not three times… ALL IN PRESENT TENSE? I’ll let you think about that for a moment. Feel free to laugh at me.

Instead of the one chapter I was aiming for, I managed 5.5k. I’m not sure how – although the copious amounts of caffeine I had during the day probably helped. I’m also loathe to read what I wrote – but that’s besides the point.

I managed to get myself 7% through my H WIP today. I’m so enormously happy about that, it’s not funny.

I also need to thank people for awards. I’m not a huge award person. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate them and feel awesome getting them, but I have to be the worst ever person to post about them. I mean to, and then another topic comes up that I want to post.

You get the idea.

Brenna, thank you. Debbie, thank you. Barbara, thank you. Mark, thank you.

I truly appreciate that you felt I deserved any type of award. Sincerely . Thank you.

I’m almost certain I’m forgetting someone and I profusely apologize, please feel free to thwap me on the head.  Hopefully, I’ll get around to adding the awesome badges and even listing some more boring crap about myself for people to use as fodder for falling asleep.

#Writemotivation tweeps and potential tweeps – I’ll be putting up a post next week for the March Month sign up 😀

A note to Jocelyn, Jai and Brenna. Stop making me cry – even happy tears aren’t fair 😛 However, you may continue to kick MAJOR BUTT 😀

If you’re not yet participating in Origins BlogFest and would love to tell everyone about the time you scrawled a story in crayon on your mom’s wall (trust me, my sister swears her son did it. But she’s a compulsive liar, so I never believe her). Then you should pop on over here and SIGN UP FOR ORIGINS BLOG FEST of awesome.

And then, of course, and I’m totally not biased at all – there is the lovely Writer’s Platform Building Campaign the 4th Edition being held over at Rach Writes. You can still sign up. And Should. NO EXCUSES. Except buying houses, having babies, getting married or losing internet.

Just in case no one noticed, I’m on a caffeine/writing high. I feel extraordinarily good. But there are two things I’d like my friends to tell me next time I have this much caffeine. You need to say: KT – for your sake and others, don’t write blog posts on a caffeine high.

Okay? Got it? Good.

How goes your writing? Are you as bad about award thank yous as I am? Do you like fish even though you live inland or are you as scared as me to eat it and therefore opt for steak instead?

Have you ever been so caffeinated you’re jittery?

Share – let me know



Feb Progress so far:

  • Finish TDP-1′s third draft
  • Plot H
  • Write H
  • Critique for M
  • Critique for H
  •  Don’t take on too many crits

because everyone loves chocolate