It’s almost the end of February.

This month has been a very productive one for me. And in the next three days, for once, I’ll actually have a post per day.

First up – Tomorrow I will post about Jessica Therrien’s Debut Novel: Oppression – published by Zova Books. On Friday, March 2nd, I will also have an interview with her up on my blog. On the 16th of March I plan to post my review of her book. Starting tomorrow she has a great blog tour starting, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Now onto February. While not a #writemotivation Goal-Check month – I still had goals I wanted to achieve. In fact, I have goals laid out until September this year.

Mind you, I did have to adjust February’s goals as I finished one of them about a week faster than I’d allocated for it lol.

Plot H
Finish 2nd Pass TDP 1
Write H
Send out TDP 1 to betas
Finish H
Work on TDP 1 Query
Crit for B

I plan to read two books over the next few days to round out February nicely 😀 So, overall, I’m quite happy with this month. I accomplished more than I thought I would and managed (narrowly) to avoid burning myself out.

Which brings me to #writemotivation. I made a little twitter button thing (yes, this is my technical term) for the hashtag and have it in my right sidebar 😀

So far, we have 23 people signed up for the March Goal-Check month. If you’d like to participate, or are curious to know what it is, please check it out here. The more cheering on we have, the better.

Registration will close as of 11:59pm CST on February 29th. Though I will be posting up the list on Wednesday 29th Feb, I have no problem adding people who sign up through to the end of the day before March 1st.

Please let me know if your goals have changed, so I can adjust them 😀

My own tentative Goals for March are:

Finish TDP 1 Query
Start and Finish TDP 1 Synopsis
Finish TDP 1 Last Pass
Outline E
Start TDP 2 Transcription


Outline E might move to February depending on how I feel on Wednesday afternoon, but other than that, I’m hoping to get through my March goals much the same as I did my Feb ones 😀

#Writemotivation has helped me more than you can know. I hope everyone else gets the same benefits.

So, how has everyone’s February been? Did you accomplish what you wanted to? Have you figured out your own process yet? Are you looking forward to March?I’m really looking forward to this.