It’s 2012. I know, right? Every time I say that I find myself blinking. How can it be 2012 already?

Answer: Because time just won’t stand still when we want it to πŸ˜‰ Damn Time, how can you be so cruel?

Anyway, I digress (as usual).

2011, as I mentioned in my previous post, was extremely productive writing wise and life wise.

So here they are, the dreaded 2012 goals – because like other people, I don’t like the word resolution at all.


Lifestyle: I need to maintain the healthier lifestyle I’ve adopted in the last year or so and improve it further.

  • Absolutley no pop – I don’t drink pop as a general rule, but occasionally I might have a can. This stops in 2012. Just Water, Tea, Decaf Coffee and Milk.
  • No more fast food. We do have a chain here that is a mom and pop shop that make delicious salads. That’s the one ‘fast’ food I’ll allow myself.
  • Continue to calorie count meals I cook – reduce fat, sugar and carbs in everything I make further than I did in 2011.
  • Exercise – Need to continue to do this regularly instead of the sporadic months on months off thing I had going in 2011. Cue #ChangeWriteNow – a fantastic idea by Corrine Jackson – and I’m hoping it’ll help kickstart 2012 in a very healthy way.
  • Spending. Stop it. Literally.
  • Love my corgis. Okay – so this one doesn’t truly count because I always love them. But I feel I’ll love them more if I hold myself accountable.
  • Make sure to let my husband know he’s amazing and I love him.


Writing: Considering I now know I’m a plotter and not a pantser (thank you vertigo 2011) – I don’t find these unreasonable goals.

  • Finish edits on TDP Book 1.
  • Paper Edit TDP 2&3
  • Write WIPSW in Feb/March
  • Query Agents with TDP Trilogy as of April/May
  • Attend OWFI-May3-5
  • Query, Query, Query
  • Finish Full edits on TDP 2&3
  • Finish first draft of WIP YS or WIP FT
  • Contemplate outline of BE
  • Query, Query, Query
  • Keep up with all crit groups/partners
  • Participate in #writemotivation, #changewritenow and other blog related hop things
  • Work on something writing/editing/revision/plotting related every day
  • Write a song as I haven’t written any since 2007


Online: This is a little up in the air – I’ll probably muddle through these.

  • Don’t over-commit to blog hops
  • Organize and keep up with Google Reader
  • Complete the transition of GFC before March
  • Make #writemotivation work and endeavour to hold multiple months of it
  • Blog post at least twice a week.Work out a topic schedule and stick to it.
  • Maintain the awesome friendships I made in 2011 – because they’re definitely worth it.


I know the writing lot seems huge, but I wrote 3 books and edited one in seven months. I believe I can achieve the above if I can get the plots right for the stories. And I have so many WIP’s floating around.

So, those are my goals. I’m aiming a bit higher than 2011 and hoping #writemotivation is going to help me. I’ll manage the goals in month chunks.

How’s everyone else thinking of planning 2012? I’m looking forward to helping maintain the writing community I’ve discovered.

Happy 2012!