As anyone who reads this blog knows, January 2012 has been #Writemotivation month – to kickstart our goals for the year.

So far, at least for me, this has gone astoundingly well. I’m well on my way to completing the goals I set and more. Not to mention I’m having a blast cheering people on and seeing them hit milestones or obstacles, but trying to work through them. It’s a great sense of camaraderie. Sharing positivity and pushing each other towards our goals is motivational all by itself.

This brings me to the conversation I was having with my awesome friend Jamie Dement(you may know her as Lady Jai). If you don’t follow her blog, you should – she’s rather inspirational.

This conversation resulted in two general ideas

  • Writemotivation shouldn’t be an occasional thing. It should be an all the time thing. You don’t just need it once every now and again – a constant stream of it can help lift your head on a bad day, or remind you the next day that other people know how you feel and will cheer you on. We’ll continue the hashtag for anyone who likes that #writemotivation cheer anyway.
  • A Writemotivation Goal-Check month every other month might be a fantastic idea.

I see you all saying: Goal-Check Month? What does she MEAN?

Writemotivation Goal-Check Months Idea/Concept/Thingi
We’ll have people sign up and announce their goals for that month and follow the rules of #writemotivation (visit other’s blogs, interact on twitter on a semi-regular basis, mention #writemotivation in a post per week). Since it’s not about beating the other people and getting votes; the only type of competition is with yourself and that damned writer’s ego. The prizes will reflect completion rather than placing/winning.

As prizes I’m willing to offer first 5/10 page critiques from me (This may vary depending on the month and my time – and if people have work at this stage). I’d be willing to do this for everyone who completes their goals in a group the original size (which was 23 people), but I may require help for prizes if we get more to sign up.

I’d love to hear ideas on things people would like to donate, if you’re so inclined. Please remember though, it’s a token for pushing towards your goals and attaining them. Query help. Web help. Things like this are more in the vein I was thinking.

If we have multiple types of prizes, we’ll just do a random drawing to see who gets what out of those who complete their goals at the end of the month.

The alternating months would be: Jan, March, May, July, September, November (which would go in hand with NaNo Cheering) or we could make that swap with December if people would prefer.

Now – my questions for you are:

Would this appeal to you? If not – can you think of other ways to make #writemotivation more fun and help keep us on track towards our goals? Are you interested in a continued #writemotivation hashtag effort to encourage each other on this lonely (but awesome) endeavour?

Please let me know. I’d love #writemotivation to work for everyone!