Exciting news!

During Rachael Harrie’s Writer’s Platform-Building Campaign I met Elana Johnson, the author of POSSESSION.

That’s not the exciting news, though. This is:

Elana’s novel POSSESSION has received a cover redesign leading up to the release of her next book SURRENDER.

But it’s not one of those redesigns where you wonder why they redesigned the cover. Nope – it’s a subtle alteration to the original cover. It manages to keep the original essence intact, while adding depth to it.

See what I mean? POSSESSION’s Cover:

While I liked the original white cover with the symbol in the middle, I prefer the new version with the colour gradation even more.  See the cover for SURRENDER too:

I’ve never been sure how to feel about publishers changing a cover. While I definitely never thought the covers needed a change, this subtle enhancement Simon & Schuster have given these titles adds a depth to them I didn’t realize they were lacking.

Congratulations Elana – the covers are gorgeous.

SURRENDER will be released on June 05 2012. Plenty of time to read POSSESSION if you haven’t.

What do you think of cover redesign? What about these specific covers?