Most people probably assumed I’d make a post like this sometime soon. You would have been right (write – lol, get it?).

Anyway! Over the last ten days, I’ve been in a lot of pain. I’d like to be very clear on this. I don’t like pain, I never have and I never will. We do not get along. It makes me grumpy and demanding and I whine a lot.

However, I’m determined for it not to interfere with my writing and lifestyle goals for the year. So far, I’m 33% into my paperedits of TDP2 and my crit group met last night. I love my crit group – have I mentioned that before? Anyway, the last week or so has been difficult, but not impossible.

Yesterday though, the reality of the injury hit home. I went to see a specialist since my ankle looked (and I kid you not), like a Cabbage Patch Kid foot. Yes, my entire foot was that swollen.

Turns out, I’ve torn two of the three major (outer) ligaments in my ankle. So much for being able to walk on it in a week.

What does this mean, you might ask? It means I get to wear one of those hulking removable leg casts. Mine is kind of awesome and space-agey – it has an air pump to cushion my ankle. In two weeks I will start physiotherapy.

Now, I did mention that I walked around a corner and my ankle didn’t land properly, which caused me to sprain it and go down screaming in pain. However, my good crit friend Brian has told me the official story should be as follows:

I was being chased by a Wendigo and all it got was my ankle. I escaped with my life.

Much better, isn’t it?I think I’ll stick with this version and watch people try to figure out if it’s true or not. At least it’s spectacular enough to deserve the injury lol.

On the #writemotivation front, I’m happy with my progress. I didn’t get in as much as I would have liked to yesterday, but between seeing the specialist, getting used to the boot and having crit group – I feel six pages of edits was decent progress. I’ll get far more done today 😀

Everyone taking part in #writemotivation has given me so much inspiration. The first week is drawing to  close, and I feel really productive. I love the camaraderie – maybe we should do these months every so often and focus on cheering others on.

How has the first week of your new year been so far?