It’s amazing how good it feels to cheer people on. Other people’s perspectives on your goals or what you’re accomplishing or think you aren’t accomplishing can be eye opening and motivational in themselves.

For instance. If someone tells me they’ve only written 100 words today. 250 words is a page, so that’s actually 40% of a page, almost half a page they’ve written. That’s definitely not nothing.

Friends allow you to see the things you do in a different light. They let you see the positive aspects of yourself you’ve been putting down.

As writers we’re all our own worst critic. Sometimes it’s nice to see that different perspective, to see ourselves and what we’re trying to do through someone else’s eyes. Because for a little while, we can live vicariously and believe in ourselves and our dreams a little more.

I’m a bit sentimental today.

I’m feeling very grateful for the friends I’ve found and the people I’ve met. For the lives I’ve been allowed to touch and glimpse into.

A special thank you everyone who’s joining me in #writemotivation month. Thank you for letting me cheer you on, and thereby motivate myself to fulfill the dream we all share.

2012 is going to be a great year. I can feel it.

How has the start of 2012 been motivational for you?