We’re over a week into 2012 now.

AndI feel great. Minus the ankle injury, of course.

#ChangeWriteNow is fantastic to help you stick to goals. If you don’t, you’re letting your team down, and that’s just mean. I’m loving it and my team. I just wish I could exercise more. I start physio on the 17th, so hopefully exercise will look up a bit after that.

#writemotivation is going amazingly well. A few people who didn’t sign up have jumped on the bandwagon and it’s a lot of fun to cheer and be cheered. Sharing your goals and accomplishments is amazing, not to mention the sense of camaraderie that floats around whether the day is a good or bad one. Thanks to everyone for such an awesome experience so far.

My paper-edits of TDP-2 are going extremely well. I’ve managed to go through 1.5 red pens and I consider this a good thing. 70% done so far, so I should be done by the end of the week and be able to start on the paper-edits of TDP=3.

I’m still anxiously awaiting feedback from beta readers of TDP-1. So far I have some assurance that it doesn’t suck – but we all know how much our inner-writer listens to that, don’t we? Instead, I’m resorting to sheer determination.

That’s right: Determination.

I’ve realized one thing. And it’ll probably come across as a little stupid to have realized so late. But no one will fulfill your dream for you.

This was a realization I came to mid last year. So far I’m pursuing it a tad single-mindedly. I mildly burned myself out a couple of times last year, so this year I’ve resolved not to.

I spend a few hours a day after work revising and try to be done by 7pm. After that I spend time with hubby – either watching tv, or chatting. So far it’s working well. I don’t feel overwhelmed at all. (Please note this won’t apply to writing a first draft. As usual, I’ll binge write those.)

No one else can revise my work and stay true to my idea of the story. Feedback is essential, but the hard work has to be my own. So it’s about time I kicked my own butt and did so.

Here’s to a fantastic rest of the year!

How has your first week of 2012 been so far?