Exactly what the title says.

Other Hobbies – do you have them?

I do. And considering the fact that I talk so much about writing, you’d never know if I didn’t take the time to tell you. I collect Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. Not only that, I like to give them their face ups (for the most part anyway), and get involved with dressing them up to match the image of the character I want for them. I’m really sorry if some people find dolls creepy – I love them and want to share.

What’s an Asian Ball jointed doll, you ask?


Abaddon from one of my stalled WIP's

Abby – as I call him for short is a Cerebus Project Lu-Wen sculpt. The beautiful face is done by my friend Ka, and his eyes are silicon cat slit eyes turned sideways (he is a demon after all). There is no photo manipulation in this picture, just the sun reflecting off his eyes.  And yes, Abby is a vampire if you can see the indents from his fangs in his lips… the angle doesn’t catch the teeth 😉 (but he’s really a demon just mind screwing humans 😀 ) I’m not currently developing his WIP, but this is where I get the images for my characters.

I buy dolls. Abby and twenty others of mine stand 2 feet tall. This is generally classified as an SD (Super Dollfie – taken from the name by Volks (the Japanese company that originated the trend) for their 60cm dolls. They’re fully articulated and strung with elastic for tension. There are many more companies located in Korea and China.

This is another: Introducing Chaos – as a blank slate, and with character

Chaos - blank

Chaos - complete

Chaos is a Bambicrony Gun – and stands 27cm tall. He’s what’s called a Tiny. Most of my dolls are the two foot variety – in fact, twenty of them are. I only own one Tiny, and one MSD (mini super dollfie – stands approximately 45cm tall 1.5 feet). His face up took me 4 hours… it was hell, but he turned out perfectly. Chaos has a fantastic story – dark and twisted. One day I’ll get around to writing it.

Neither of these dolls currently feature in my WIP. But I do have four who do. The three main characters and one secondary character. I base the way my characters appear loosely on my dolls. It’s how I ‘cast’ my book. If that makes sense.

As you can see they’re fully customizable. From the eyes, to the hair, to the face-up (I’d say makeup, but it really gives the doll personality), to the clothes and even scarring or tattoos. You can customize these dolls to look like anything you want. There are hundreds, probably thousands of sculpts by now (though when I started collecting back in 05, there weren’t lol).

I love my dolls and as a writer I can say: I love their personalities and quirks, because in my head – they really do have them.

These are just two of my brood – I would have shown the ones from my WIP, but Sai fell flat on her face and needs a mod to her nose now (very sad), and to be honest, I just haven’t taken many pictures of those guys. The one you can see in the featured image is Psyda – a Volks Cecile Scarface. He’s gorgeous, rare, and very scarred 😉 I’ll show him in more detail another day.

I was thinking of making a weekly or fortnightly post to introduce them all. It’ll also make me take pictures and give them and my photography some attention. And yes, these two are boys, most of mine are boys – the guys look effeminate, and the girls look fragile. It’s how it works 😉

How do you visualize your characters? Do you use movie stars, dolls or are you artistically gifted enough to draw them yourselves? How do you keep your characters alive in your head even if you’re not working on their story?

Tell me – I’d love to know.