It’s Wednesday. I know, obvious, right? Today I would usually blog about my process, but at the moment I’m participating in the ‘I Love Dark YA’ Blogfest.

And I do, love Dark YA! But, for the life of me, I can’t think what I would say my favourite is.  Maybe…

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

is probably close to a favourite. It’s about the dead coming back to life and living in the community – going to school – etc. I really liked it – a lot, but I have been told I’m odd 😉

Wednesday is usually my writing process day, however since I finished the first round of paper-edits to book 1 on Sunday night, I’ve been lazy.

Also – NaNo. However, I’ve not been hammering away at it like you might think. I’m not even entirely sure I’ll participate.

How can you not be sure you’ll participate? It’s already November 2nd you might ask?

Well, I would answer. I write fast. So as long as I spend one or two days outlining and plotting and then start – I have plenty of time to start and finish.

There would be a caveat, though.

I have to be really excited and sort of in tune with what I write. I can’t be any type of annoyed by my characters or how the plot is turning out. If I am and I try to write it? I’ll end up annoyed at myself and frustrated, throw in the towel half way through and stop writing for a couple of months.

I know this, because I’ve done it before.

It’s a good thing I’m aware of my own shortcomings haha! So, if I do manage the outline and plot the way I want them, I’ll be a happy NaNo’er, and if I don’t, I’ll revert to my own version: NaRevNoMo! Yep, I’ll keep revising like a mad woman!

So tell me – How is your NaNo going? Are you having fun, are you getting it done? And what, is your favourite Dark YA?