There are some weekends I have so much motivation I’d almost be willing to bet I can fly. Almost. Then there are weekends like the one just gone past.

It was rainy, dreary and far too cold for my liking. Have I mentioned how much I hate the cold? Trust me, my husband hears about it every Kansas winter. I sat on my couch, armed with my snuggie, two cuddly dogs and a possessive cat. And for most of Saturday, I just pouted and watched my husband beat the crap out of the Darksouls game.

What should I have been doing instead? Revising, editing, polishing TDP. All of those spring immediately to mind. And I did do two passes on my first five pages. I also got through the first pass of paper edits in the first chapter of my book. But the entire day just dragged for me.

Sunday was quite a bit better. I managed to finish the first pass of paper edits on my first five chapters. Now I just have to transfer them to my computer. Wonder of wonders – I also put the final polish on my first five pages, which were sent off earlier today to the poor unsuspecting editor at the Nimrod Conference.

The thing is, I have no problem trying to motivate others. I can always come up with the best reasons why they should write, or try to help them rekindle the love they had in the beginning for the piece they currently hate. In fact, I love to try and motivate people because in some little way it seems to motivate me too.

So on Saturday night I believe – I made a hashtag on twitter. I’ll use it to try and motivate the friends I know who have major motivational issues when they sit down to write. Said hashtag = #writemotivation 

I sort of hope that by doing this, I’ll also motivate myself in some way. Cold weather influences me negatively though. All I want to do is curl up and sleep. Being insecure certainly doesn’t help, but I don’t know many writers who don’t suffer from that. I guess I’m lucky because I have people who read my rough drafts and thwap me over the head when I panic.

What things do you do to motivate yourself? Do you have a cheering squad who thwap you over the head when you’re having those insecure moments?

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