Otherwise known as – “The only thing I like about editing is the excuse it gives me to buy and colour coordinate my stationary.

See that picture up there? Yes, that’s my colour coordinated editing/revision process. At least for the first pass.

Post it colours and highlighters mean the following:

Orange = Foreshadowing things that come later or in the other 2 books

Green = World-building needed

Blue = Sensory details

Yellow = OMG forgot about this brilliant idea as soon as I had it, need more of this

Red = BAD SHIT (I’d like to point out I haven’t used this yet)

Notation index:

Red pen = my run through

Blue pen = my alpha reader’s run through

Purple pen = notes to explain the highlighted stuff (if needed)

Large Post-its:

Used for rephrasing if I manage to come up with them while editing. Colours of the Post-its correspond to the other colour legend.

I do this in Five chapter parts. I go through the chapters and mark it up myself. Then I take my alpha’s feedback and go through again, notating their feedback plus any areas that need world-building, sensory details, foreshadowing etcetera.

So, not only did I have a completely valid excuse to give into my stationary addiction, but I also developed a effective paper editing process.

Let’s not mention how much I hate the transfer process. Getting those edits back into digital form makes my brain go mush. And if you’re on twitter, you’ve heard me bitch about this all day.

So, how do you edit or revise? Are you a paper editor? Do you prefer to do it all digitally? Do you just give it a once over yourself or do you incorporate the feedback of others in your first pass? What works best for you – and please, let me know I’m not the only stationary addict out there?

And I just made the Friday post by the skin of my teeth HAH!