Wednesday is my writing process or work in progress day, right? I’m sure that’s what I said. I even went back to check.

Now, I’ve already told anyone who’ll listen that I’ve finished the first draft of my WIP (we’ll call them TDP1, 2 and 3), and I’m still on the giddy height from doing so. But a first draft is a first draft, which means I still have a heck of a long way to go.

On October 22nd I’m attending the NIMROD Conference in Tulsa. Okay, so it’s a tiny conference, but it’s close to home and a great opportunity for me to attend my first actual writer’s conference. I’m headed there with my crit group partners Heather and Seti.

Now I have to send them in my first 4/5 pages (which fills me with dread. And I mean SUPER DREAD). So, I’ve been concentrating on getting those pages up to scratch. The thing is, I’m a prologue person.

What, you ask? Such a thing exists? How could you like prologues?

My question back to you is – how can people not like a well done prologue? Please note: I said well done. Just like anything else, if it’s not well done, then it’s not enjoyable.

A lot of my favourite books have prologues. And right now – it seems the industry standard is to hate them. Agents don’t like them and are very vocal about it. Other writers don’t like them (likely because of the Agent hatred towards them). It makes no sense to me. Can someone clarify why?

So that’s where I am right now. The first five pages of my series – is a prologue. Since it fits perfectly and sets the story up, I’m leaving it, am almost done revising them, and will send them in at the end of the week (I hope).

Now, I’m also reading TDP1. Not re-reading. I don’t read as I write and I haven’t read it at all since I wrote it in June. I’m happy with what I’ve read so far (oh don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of work for me to do, but overall, I’m happy with it). I’ll be starting to work on edits this weekend. OMG it’s real.

Now to the titles part of my blog post.

As you might have guessed TDP is an acronym for my series name. And the books aren’t really called 1, 2 and 3. I’ve had the names set since I started writing (I’m strange like that). The only one that’s a placeholder is the third one. I’m not happy with the name at the moment, but for the first two books? Hell yeah – the names are perfect.

But – (I love Twitter, have I mentioned I love Twitter?) I recently found out one of the people I follow on Twitter is releasing a book that’s the first in their series… with the same name as the first book in TDP. *headdesk* If anything, the first book title is important, it’s perfect for the book in about four ways. I don’t want to change it – but for some obscure reason (and it’s not like my book is anywhere near release self published or traditional) I worry about this.

So help me out – What do you think of prologues and why do you think the industry hates them these days? Have you ever had a title problem?

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