Pop over and check out the 3rd Writer Campaign Challenge. Due to having my birthday this week, going away for the weekend, and getting the house ready for the Halloween party the weekend after that – I doubt I’ll have time to do it 🙁  Good luck to everyone who participates! Can’t wait to read them.

Why yes, I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo 2011. I even have a story outlined, though not plotted yet. I’ll get around to that. A story with death and mayhem, misconception and betrayal. Yep, just your garden variety YA Dark Fantasy.

NaNo 2011

I know there are a lot of other people out there who’ll be doing NaNo too. I will be attacking it with my usual plottingness. Are you just going to pants, or plot, or invoke the Zotaku clause?

Also – in random news – my corgis have stolen my Snuggie. Apparently they love it and I’m only allowed to borrow it if they’re not currently using it. I’m not amused, but I am. At least they’re not trying to steal my laptop away from me.

This Monday’s post has been brought to you by:

I have way too bloody much to do and fighting off a migraine for most of the weekend did not help.

Yep, I had a mild migraine Thursday last week and had to cancel crit group. And on Saturday – Hi pain in the head. Spent the vast majority of time trying to sleep it off which didn’t work until 9pm. I get them far too frequently.

How was your weekend? Do your pets steal your snuggie? What are you doing about NaNo?