I know, right? An all encompassing title.

When I grew up in Australia, no one really celebrated Halloween. I’m not sure if they do now, but damn, I would have loved to. Halloween is so much fun for me, the mood, the costumes and the chocolate. Chocolate isn’t specific to Halloween, buuuuut how can you not mention it? I was going to throw a Halloween party this weekend, but my current headache/migraines status had other plans.

Today I’m wearing a Little Miss Spooky shirt, because I can 😀 I love Halloween.

NaNo 2011NaNo – Having just finished the first paper edit of WIP of doom (I still have to transfer it to digital), I thought I’d give NaNo a shot. Currently outlining and hopefully plotting the emerging story I have in my head. Is anyone else doing NaNo? Do you aim to finish the story, or just to reach the 50k?

For me at least, NaNo will be a great break from edits. Something to refresh my creativity a bit. I find edits suck it out of me. I’ve been refilling it by reading books and coming up with new fantastical ideas.

Rachael Harrie’s Writer’s Platform Building Campaign comes to an end today. Yesterday, she announced the winners of the second challenge. I guess I won 🙂 If you’d like to read the piece – go HERE. The Campaign has been a lot of fun. I’ve made amazing friends I don’t think I’ll lose touch with and been encouraged to share my writing. Before this, I never showed anyone anything.

Thank you Rachael – for being amazing and organizing this. Thank you to everyone who voted for this challenge – I know this page in particular took a huge amount of hits. And congrats to the rest of the Winners. (Especially Jamie, because I’m really not biased).

For those people interested who don’t already know – the next campaign will be held in February 2012 (I believe this is a tentative date). It’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know people who write and read your genre, and generally who understand you always have voices in your head 😉

Lastly – I know I missed my Friday blog post, but my head’s been killing me. I’m allowed a sick day from my blog posting :p On the bright side it seems I don’t have a headache this morning, which makes me amazingly happy and sort of refreshed 😀 It’s a good feeling.

So tell me – do you like Halloween? What do you do for it? What about NaNo – how do you tackle it? Do you aim the novel at 50k, or just write 50k of the novel?

Thank you to everyone I met in the Writer’s Campaign! I’m so glad I met you!

(and now to go catch up on Google Reader – I’m so behind!)