My friend Jamie Dement (or Lady Jai as many here know her), just got her first story accepted for publication over at Kazka Press. I am so very proud of her. It’s a fantastic piece too. Amazing reaction to a great prompt. It goes up on November 1st. You should all book mark the site and read it – because she rocks. No, I’m not biased – or at least, I’m not unduly biased 😉

Stop by, congratulate her. Find her on twitter and hug her, because she’s pretty awesome.

I was going to skip today’s post. I’ve been very ill. The migraine and crappy headache train won’t leave me. But how can you hear this news and not be insanely happy for your friend – so much that you shout it from the rooftops?

So, I’m shouting it from the rooftops.

Another person I follow the RSS of got amazing agenty news today. S.E. Sinkhorn shared her amazing news with us all today. Go read it and congratulate her too!

Has anyone else got some amazing news to share? Has anything writing or non-writing related happened you feel great about?