Here’s a blogger game to help Rach’s Campaigners get to know each other.

Here’s the deal: I’ll post 10 random facts about myself. If this kind of game interests you and you want to get to know the other Campaigners – you’ll post 10 random facts about yourself on your blog.

Oh, if you decide to play make sure to post a link to your blog in the comments so I pop over and check it out.

1. I’m originally from Brisbane Australia, met my husband in an online MMORPG and now live in Kansas, USA.

2. I can play 4 instruments (piano, flute, clarinet and guitar), sing and write my own songs. Just for myself, mind you.

3. My husband and I are owned by two corgis. Kira and Kuma. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a dog breed so much in my life. I’m seriously corgi-ized.

4. Sparkly vampires and I do NOT get along.

5. I have two tattoos on my shoulder blades. One of a dragon around a sword and the other of Rurouni Kenshin. Yes, I love anime.

6. If I don’t paint my fingernails, I bite them. So I have a lot of nail polish – a LOT!

7. As a general rule, I speed read. Yes, I mean that. If the books appeal to me, I can read three in a thirty hour period. No, I don’t get much sleep when I do lol.

8. I love MMORPG’s. I’ve been playing them since 1999 with EQ1. I’ve done podcasts about games, the most recent of which lasted almost 12 months and I stopped in May so I could write. I have to be very careful because it’s seriously an addiction and impacts my writing time greatly.

9. As long as I plan and focus, I can speed write. My fastest first draft was 90k inside of 9 days. Yes, I scared myself and hurt my wrist.

10. I lived in Germany as a child for a few years with my parents, and later for work as an adult. I’m fluent in spoken, writing and reading German.

There you go – TEN random facts about me!

Your turn 😀