So I finally managed to get my current WIP back on track, which largely involved my sitting myself down and telling myself to write (and making a few pots of coffee, because really, it goes hand in hand)

It’s amazing what you can do when you force yourself to. Yay for 0 procrastination today (well mostly anyway)

Starting Total: 65807
Today’s Total: 12016
New Total: 77823

Like yay and stuff!

Which means I should definitely be able to get the 2nd Book’s first draft done by the end of Monday if not before.

And after that it’ll be time to get cracking on the outline for #3.

I’m a bit behind the schedule I made for myself, but I still think two first drafts in a couple of days over 3 months isn’t too shabby. Once I finish 3 though – watch me panic over revisions.

Anyway – Finally feel like I’m back in the saddle.

I always wonder how other people slog through their first drafts. Do you plot? Do you pants? Do you force yourself to write? I’m curious.