As you can probably tell from the title, this post is about blogging. Rache’s Platform Building Writer Campaign is an awesome slice of fantastic cake. No, seriously, I mean it. I’ve met so many great people I now get to chat with regularly, found a heap of great blogs I try to visit (and need to get better at commenting on). To top that off – it’s forced me to actually write something and put it out there for the world to see instead of pretending my corgis like it when I read to them.

One of the things I’m learning from this campaign is that blogging is an art. A fine one at that. People have specific days they post on, topics they cover on those days. So, I thought to myself, I did.  No really, I do occasionally think despite the fact that it hurts. This is why writing is a passion for me. Couldn’t put up with the pain of brain activity if it wasn’t.

But I digress.

I’ve been thinking about making a schedule myself. There are some things I like to write about, and I’m pretty sure I can exercise my noggin and stick to a planned schedule, at least if there aren’t too many squirrels hanging around.

Mondays: My weekends. This won’t always be about writing. It can be about anything. The RenFaire in KC I’m going to this weekend, my friend’s party, my corgis, my absolutely fantastically awesome husband – just to name a few potential topics

Wednesdays: My writer’s process, blogging, where I am in my WIP status as far as drafts and querying goes etc. Anything I can come up with that could conceivably make someone laugh/be of interest to anyone that doesn’t have four stubby legs and a tail.

Fridays: I have a face to face critique group on Thursdays. So this would probably include some amazing light bulb that’s gone off in my head when critiquing, something about my own WIP, something about other’s processes and perhaps an occasional interview or something or other…

I have no idea if I’ll be able to keep this up, but I really want to try. I’ll also allow myself the opportunity to do twitter posts and some miscellaneous vague ranting, but hopefully at least the latter will be in the minority.

So – what do you think? Do you think I’m being unreasonable, overstretching myself? How do you handle your blogging tendencies?