I know, the title sounds a bit oxymoronic. Bare with me a bit and I’ll try to explain what I mean.

My powers of procrastination are actually amazing. Sometimes I feel like it’s the one true talent I have. I’ve watched the tail end of In Plain Sight. Not to mention Princess Tutu and Honey & Clover. However, even though I’ve managed to successfully procrastinate every single day this week, I’ve also managed to write enough to dig myself out of the hole I’d gotten into – story wise.

Somehow, with the help of @angelakulig ‘s #writingatgunpoint hashtag on Twitter – I’ve still managed to write almost four thousand words since Tuesday this week.

Wednesday was productive in a different way. My face to face crit group is pretty amazing. Really looking forward to the future of this group.

Needless to say – lack of willpower aside – I think I’m getting my groove back. Or, if nothing else, I’m about to.

First draft of TDP2 – 38% to go

And counting 😉