And by juggling – I mean ideas. At the end of my explanation I have questions, so bare with me, please.

I’m currently working on a trilogy. It’s a dystopian scifi with robots and other artificial lifeforms, psionics, war and of course, lots of bloodshed. Can’t have a good Dystopia without a lot of blood shed – in my opinion anyway. Of course, I prefer my fairy tales bloody too – so maybe it’s just me 😉

The trilogy I’m working on is TDP for short. TDP 1 is sitting in first draft format waiting for me to finish TDP 2 & 3. TDP 2 is 63.5k done. So, I’ve about 29% left to go on it. This is a good thing. Sadly it’ll have taken me two months to finish the first draft of the second book. Not quite as fast as I’d have liked, but definitely not too shabby. Keep in mind, I want to finish the first drafts first – before I start revision on TDP 1. So I have a hell of a lot of work in front of me lol.

See – look 29% left 😀

(I like that much better than 30%)

The thing is, while working on this trilogy, I’ve had 2 more story ideas. And these aren’t one shots or short stories. These are whopping big, potentially epic stories which need to be spread over a few to several books.

My brain just won’t let up on it. I’ve started outlines for one of them, so I at least have the basics down. For the second I have what could essentially be a cover blurb. I know, my mind is rather odd. The things I come up with while vacationing and visiting National Parks is rather disturbing.

So, my question is, how do other people deal with this?

Do you just make a few notes and move on with your main project that’s already eaten a sizable portion of your brain?


Do you work on more than one project at once?


Enquiring and partially incoherent minds need to know.

Thank you 😀