(The Domino Project #2) 

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(The Domino Project #1)

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Digging deep – On why writers deserve to be paid

It's no news to anyone that life isn't always easy. There are hard parts in everything we do. As an author, some of those parts - many of those parts - are out of our control. We get the idea, write the story, refine the story, send it out, and try to remember to...

What do you say to aspiring authors?

I've been really lucky lately. My local libraries stock my books, and the one just own the road from me in Andover asked me to come along for a sci-fi author day they'd set up. Being me, I was naturally nervous. I'm not your average sci-fi author. My reading is never...

A Whirlwind Few Weeks

Just in case you missed it somehow last week, Parasite came out. That means I now have a full trilogy out there in the world. People are buying it, reading it... It's bloody terrifying. It's sort of like cooking your favorite meal and setting it out for EVERYONE to...

PARASITE (The Domino Project #3) Release Day!

It's here. It's finally here. I'm so ridiculously excited! Today book three goes out into the world and completes the trilogy! It's been such a long and crazy journey, and a fun one to watch everything come together. I got to meet some amazing and talented people...

Blitzes, and Newsletters, and Pre-orders – Oh My!

It has been so hectic around here! In January, we revealed the cover for Parasite, and I first drafted a book that will be the first in a new series to be released at the end of this year. I'm so excited about this new series that I'm co-authoring with Leigh Caroline!...

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