Works In Progress

Current Works in Progress are as follows:

FOD – stand alone (series potential)
YA Contemporary Science Fiction/Horror/Thriller
Includes death manipulation, rebels and saving the human race.

FOD - Complete


L – stand along (series potential)
MG Contemporary Supernatural
Modern medicine has interrupted death’s design, and he’s pissed

L - Complete


D – stand alone
YA Historical faerie-tale aftermath

D – complete


TDP – Trilogy.
Adult Futuristic Science Fiction:
Distant future. Includes mind manipulation, hybrid technology and alien parasites :D

TDP 1 - Complete
TDP 2 - Second Draft on hold.
TDP 3 – First paper-edit finished


A.I. Trilogy
Adult Fantasy (High Fantasy)
Assassins, death, betrayal and the ultimate sacrifice for magic
Really cool magic system

Completely reworking and redrafting

Adult: Faeries, Witches and Sacrifice – Oh My!

Requires research
Requires revision


Short stories
Way too many to list right now