The Domino Project


The Domino Project Book 1

Sai must figure out who she can trust before her missions kill her


The Domino Project Book 2

Finding Sai’s place in the world comes at a cost.


The Domino Project Book 3

Ignorance is a choice, a bad one at that.

Somnia Online


Somnia Online Book One

Discover the class you were born to play


Somnia Online Book 2

As Murmur reels in the wake of the secret her friends tried to keep, her grip on what is real and what is virtual begins to slip. What’s more, she’s no longer sure who she can trust.

Stalked across the continent by a rogue with a vendetta, Murmur is forced to dig deep and develop her abilities before she finds a knife in her back.

Suspicion surrounds the AIs as well. Their behaviors are too human, their reports too perfect. Shayla and Laria must uncover the truth before the system raises concerns and Murmur is lost forever.

Available August 16th 2018

Stand Alone Books

Flashes of Strange

Short Story Collection


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Never Ever, Never Land

When Wendy decided to return home from Neverland she didn’t realize moving out of the nursery was only the beginning. After being told it’s time to “grow up”, she’s locked into volunteer work with her mother, where she must learn the role of a proper lady by helping those less fortunate in the Stephney Causeway Orphanage.

Wendy never expected to find kindred souls in the tattered waifs. One of the older boys, Thomas confides in her: the orphanage runs a thieving ring responsible for more than one cold corpse no one else would miss. Wendy entrusts him in turn with the knowledge that Neverland is real, and they devise a plan to ferry the misused orphans to sanctuary. Wendy must creep out of the house at odd hours, navigate the streets of London in the twilight, and avoid many a footman’s patrol on the way to the meeting point.

But when she’s confronted by an arranged marriage that will bring her family great fortune, Wendy’s carefully constructed life begins to unravel. Cracks appear in Neverland that weren’t there before and the chance to return dwindles. Wendy must figure out just how to get them to Neverland before it disappears forever.

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