#Writemotivation, Edits & Looming Baby

#Writemotivation, Edits & Looming Baby

So – a quick update about my #Writemotivation November.

I’m so jealous of everyone participating in NaNo! I really wish I could, but baby is more important. Naturally.

However, I did manage to finish my round of Edits and send them to my super awesome agent. So happy with it too. I’m stoked about changing the category. I think it left much more room to enhance important details that weren’t so vital for the previous category.

So, that’s probably my #writemotivation for the month, but I will be cheering everyone on. Not to mention I’ll make some updates about baby.

WHO IS DUE IN less than 8 days as I type this.

Getting so nervous and a little overwhelmed. But so excited.

And then today is election day. Sending my blood pressure soaring. *sighs*

I think I’ll go have a cupcake now and cheer on my fellow #writemotivationers!

How is your NaNo November going?

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