See that pic? The one off to the left hand side?

That one ๐Ÿ˜€

Remember at the beginning- ย sign up for July even – I mentioned badges for #writemotivation?

Well, that’s the badge for July 2012.

Rules: If you’ve completed your goals for the month, feel free to save the image below, size it as needed, and pop it on your brag/award page. It’s an honour system of course! If you completed your goals it’s yours.

The whole idea is based on: collect all the colours ๐Ÿ˜€ So every time we do a #writemotivation month, there will be a new colour! Kind of like pokemon, except they’re cookies… ๐Ÿ˜€

And while you’re at it – thank Leigh_Caroline for making them. Now THESE are #writemotivation cookies. All the drooling and virtual tasting you want, without the calories ๐Ÿ˜‰


And now, onto my goals.

1. Make Progress on TDP 2 second draft
2. Crit CP work if available (H)
3. Outline/Plot F
4. Begin writing F
5. Develop a good blog consistency
6. Be more active in comments/social networking

Okay, I haven’t finished AI 3 yet, but I did start it and finishing it wasn’t a goal, so I think that counts. I’m in the process of the critique. With my analytical brain on hiatus – this is a much slower process than usual. At is 1. I will have minor progress on that by tomorrow night – so still within July.

TADAAAAA Why, I will go and have some cookies thank you.

Now – one thing I’ve realized this month – I need to cut myself some slack and stop being so hard on myself. So my goals for August are going to be set accordingly so I don’t stress over not exceeding my goals. Let’s face it – baby brain is a real thing (something I thought was a myth until I, infact, got it). So here we go, Leigh, officially – I’m taking some of the pressure off myself.

August 2012 Goals

  1. Make some progress on TDP2 second draft
  2. Finish AI 3 (This isn’t as big as it looks. It’s about 5 days work…)
  3. Outline UD
  4. Make plot progress on UD
  5. Keep up the blog consistency
  6. Keep in contact with all my online friends/social networking
  7. Enjoy my vacation mid-month

Trust me, I need to put 7 on my list because I’m notoriously good at stressing through a vacation too… lol

TADAAAAA – those are my August goals, and while they might look like a lot, they’re minimal by my usual standards. Fingers crossed.

How was July for you? Did you get what you wanted done? Are the Olympics distracting you as much as they are me?

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