Baby Brain, First Drafts and Corgis

Baby Brain, First Drafts and Corgis

Hi. My name is KT and I have Baby Brain.

I thought it might be better to admit it out loud – but it just frustrates me more. Not sure if I’ll be getting any of my own edits done, because while I can pick out what is wrong, trying to figure out how to fix things just draws a blank for me at the moment.

So, instead, I’m writing. A lot. After planning out AI 3 in my usual detail, I got off to a really slow start, mainly due to being exhausted at the end of the days. But today I managed to kick it back into gear 😀

I also went to see the baby doctor today and all of my fears (I’m a first time mom, I’m having LOTS of fears) were laid to rest – so maybe that helped with the writing 😀

And then of course – there are the corgis. I love my corgis.

They kept me company all afternoon while I hammered out words on the keyboard. I hope they’re not too jealous when baby arrives – I know they’re already jealous of the time I spend writing. They don’t like my separation from them when they’re in the living room. So days like today where I have off and hubs is at work, seems like a joy to them hehe.

My goals are going well. This will make the 2nd post this week, so I’m still blogging regularly and I did manage to get to I think almost the #writemotivation blogs to comment. I’ll aim to keep this up EVERY month.

Also, I’m looking really forward to next Tuesday. I’ll be doing some random cheering and happy dancing on Tuesday. Keep your eye out. I’ll be retweeting something like mad hehehe.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. How are your goals going? Do you have any plans?


  1. Growing a baby is hard work, and takes a metric crapton of energy. It’s a beautiful thing you are doing!

  2. Glad it all went well at the baby doc and yay with kicking writing back into gear!

  3. I’m so proud of you for continuing to write while sick and enduring “baby brain!”

  4. Kudos to you for keeping at it!! I can’t imagine how hard it must be. Your corgis are super cute!!

  5. Yay for corgis to “help” you write all afternoon 😉 I haven’t experienced Baby Brain yet, but good luck getting through all that growing a tiny human inside you thing :)


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