Focus on the Positive!

Focus on the Positive!

Sometimes it feels like life throws everything at you at once. And sometimes a lot of it can be bad. Don’t get me wrong – my 2012 has been rather awesome so far – but my health? Not so much. So this is why it’s important not to lose sight of the good things.

Let’s focus on the positive.

  • I now have baby friendly anti-biotics to help fight off this second strain of the zombie flu
  • Baby girl will therefore be an amazing zombie fighter because she’ll have super antibodies.
  • Baby girl has also passed her staggered screenings with flying colours and is looking to be healthy – hoping it stays that way.
  • Gymnastics Olympic Trials are this weekend and you can bet your bottom dollar I’m watching them :D
  • And July is just arround the corner – so the baby friendly antibiotics will hopefully get me well enough to effectively participate in July’s Writemotivation.

I’ve come to the conclusion that pregnancy and I do not get along. This is the second time I’ve been extremely ill in the last 19 weeks, and this time, I’m far worse than the first.

So – the positives are far nicer than the cesspool of sick I feel at the moment. Give me a day or two and I hope I’ll start to feel better.

Much rest for me, hubby is taking care of me, and now I have le drugs to fight this zombie flu off!

If you haven’t already signed up for July #writemotivation - GO DO IT NOW! :D You know you want to. We have cookies, cheerleaders, dinosaurs and zombie versions of everything. I’m sure we’ll mutate something else during the course of the month – we usually do.

I’m going to have to adjust my initial July goals as my June goals didn’t get completed – largely due to getting very ill haha. Funny how that happens.

I’m looking forward to pushing on and thwapping as many goals as I can :D How about you? Are you looking forward to July too? How was your June?


  1. Angela Brown
    Jun 29, 2012

    You continue to rest and fight off that zombie flu with your baby-friendly antibiotics :-)

    And you are so right to “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative”. Okay, so you didn’t exactly eliminate the negative but you certainly cut a rug in bashing the negative aside. Way to go.

    Looking forward to July. Got June done and the major piece I really needed done (finishing the first draft of NEVERLOVE). Now to July and more goals, especially getting revisions done for MINGLED. I should have my goals in to you. So let’s go with our #writemotivation selves :-)

  2. Andrew Patterson
    Jun 29, 2012

    Yes! Focus on the positive or I will pelt you with zombie, mutant, cheerleaders…or whatever else my devious imagination can fester. :D Here’s to an awesome #writemotivation July and the end of the Zombie flu.

  3. Cheyenne Campbell
    Jun 29, 2012

    I’m so sorry to hear about your illness and how it’s been all June :( But the positives are fantastic, and it’s really inspiring to see you focusing on them! I hope you’re feeling better soon and the antibiotics do their thing!! Being sick makes everything so much more difficult, but you’re managing such a great outlook.

    June was good! My first month married! But in a way it was a bit of a down month. Coming down from the high and fun of our wedding, honeymoon, time with friends and family from the U.S., and all the excitement that had been building. So June has been dealing with regular old life again. Not to mention a very stressful visa application. I hope with all my might that my visa is somehow magically processed and sorted by the end of it, so I can go visit my hometown for the first time in nearly a year. Until my visa comes, I’m without a passport, and I’ve heard horror stories of 4-6 months or more :( So… freaked out in June, hoping July ROCKS. And I’ve got #writemotivation to keep my mind occupied elsewhere :)

  4. Ciara Ballintyne
    Jul 1, 2012

    If you want to feel better about your pregnancy making you sick, come talk to me. I guarantee my pregnancy from hell will make ordinary pregnancy woes seem a blessing LOL. Hey, at least I can laugh about it after the fact…

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