Yep, you got me. I love science fiction, fantasy and a mixture of both. I’m not a contemporary person. Now, don’t get me wrong. I read the occasional contemporary. And I love intermixing fantasy worlds with the contemporary, but I don’t really care for contemporary contemporary… at least not to write, and only sometimes to read.

Basically my brain goes – but you’ve been there, done that… you want things that aren’t real. And it’s right. I do.

My favourite movies are Labyrinthe, Event Horizon, Aladdin (yes, the Disney version), The Princess Bride, Tangled… well, I guess I love a lot of movies, but I think you get my drift.

I do love Harry Potter – which is a fantastical setting in contemporary England. And I have to admit to loving Dead Poet’s Society, mainly because of my love for Robin Williams.

I digress, as usual. But I adore elements of the unreal. I like to create my worlds, my histories, my political motivations. I love to let my characters loose in a world that probably never could or wouldn’t exist except in my story.

And so, this is what I write. Basically, and probably like everyone else, I want to write a book that I’d love to read. That and I don’t think my brain would let me work without these elements. It’s introduced them for as long as I can remember.

Do your likes and dislikes impact what you write? Is your favourite reading genre different from what you write?


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