You know, every blog I read, has a catchy title. My friend Heather Cashman calls hers Better off Read. I love that name. It’s catchy and clever.

Another one of my twitter friends has Angela Write Now – this is another name I love.Then another friend Dawn G Sparrow has her Write Now blog. I could go on and on about blog names, but suffice it to say – K.T. Hanna – writing and imagination, was not exactly imaginative now, was it?

So, last night two of the other members in my face-to-face crit group and I sat down and had a techie night.

What is a techie night you might ask?

Well, since this is the day and age of social media and blogs – it pretty much just involves setting up your blog with all the tools it’ll need.

Which brings me to The Scribble Muse. It’s cute, I like it – it’s almost whimsical, which is about 50% of my personality. It doesn’t portray the dark things I write, but you never know – perhaps one day I’ll write a fantastic comedy and then where would I be with a deliberately dark and horrifically named site, right?  So even if you go to you’ll get re-directed here. Cool, huh?

Still working on the site, tweaking some things, and generally trying to come up with the type of content I want to blog about, but generally – I’m happy with the advances made on our first techie night.

This weekend is Labour Day Weekend. I fully plan on having my own little writing retreat with lots of caffeine, a comfy chair and the last 25k of the 1st draft of my 2nd book. Tadaaaa 😀

What do you think about Blog names? Are they important, should I have capitalized Blog, and is it more important that the name mean something to the reader or the writer?

Oh, and what are you doing this weekend?

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